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What exactly is an automotive blower motor and where can I find it in my car?

Every car on the road today has a blower motor installed that works with either the automobile's passenger air condition unit or the heating unit. The blower motor is the central operating part within every heating, ventilation and air conditioning system on virtually all cars. Without it, no hot or cool air would make it to passengers inside the car. The blower motor rapidly pushes either the hot or cold air that runs by a heating or cooling element and delivers it to the car's interior via ventilation ducts and vents. While most contemporary automobiles today utilize air conditioning units, some that do not such a service trucks and other specialty vehicles still require a blower motor to circulate air from the outside in order to bring it to passengers. In this scenario, blower motors are still used to circulate hot air inside the car during cold periods of the year.

Virtually all blower motors are attached to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in most cars. The unit and the HVAC system are either located directly in front of the dashboard, under the hood of the car and for larger trucks or multiple-passenger vans - a secondary blower motor is placed in the back of the vehicle to assist moving either hot or cold air to passengers across longer length vehicles. The actual blower motors are relatively straightforward DC-based electrical devices. This electrical motor gets its powered from the car's battery, which is regenerated by the car's motor. Once active, the automotive blower motor engages a fan directly attached to it, which drives either cold or warm air through the unit's case, ducts, then vents. As mentioned earlier, for cars that do not use or require an A/C unit, external air which becomes somewhat colder because of the rapid passage - is sucked in via the blower motor fan, then goes through the ducts to passengers.

Auto Blower Motor Malfunction

Like other types of electrical devices, automotive blower motors will, at some point during their life, malfunction. There are several common reasons why this occurs. First, electrical motors often slow down due to low contact between the copper wire threaded into a central cylinder and the opposing magnetic force Led by wire brushes. The other common moving parts on an automotive blower motor are the ball bearings that allow the rotation of the unit. These slow down or stop altogether if bearing grease dries up. Car drivers will often hearing bearing friction in the form of extended high-pitched sounds when the auto blower motor is on. Alternatively, the motor wheel or the connected fan can be faulty or broken due to wear or auto accidents. A good mechanic can detect these common issues or other issues, which include blown fuses, electrical grounding issues, or other issues.

Do you require a new car blower motor?

You may feel that your car air conditioning or heating unit doesn't work when you need it to. Sometimes, it isn't the actual heating unit or cooling system, but the automotive blower motor instead. If you notice squeaking bearing sounds coming from your engine compartment, occasional blower motor fan failure or you get no ventilation at all, then you should replace your car's blower motor. Of course, without your car's blower motor working, you won't be able to receive any kind of circulation hot or cold - in your car when you need it the most during the summer or winter. As soon as your automobile's blower motor has stopped working, you'll need a new one fast.

When it is that crucial time to get a new car blower motor for any of your vehicles whether they be a luxury sedan, a mini van, or a service truck come to Radiators Warehouse to get exactly what your car needs. Radiators Warehouse stocks a complete array of brand new or refurbished top-of-the-line automotive blower motors that often work better than original manufacturer parts sold directly through dealership repair bays. For virtually every type of car, truck or SUV, we have an auto blower motor in stock that works for you. The models that we carry either include the fan or do not. We also offer fans separately and can affix them for you. If your auto has air conditioning or does not, the aftermarket blower motor that you purchase from us may be different than the original offered, but will work just as easily. Of course, we always seek to match the exact replacement blower motor that is appropriate for your vehicle to make certain that it works perfectly with your HVAC set up ad system.

When you shop at Radiators Warehouse for a top-of-the-line aftermarket automotive blower motor, we'll make the process simple and breezy just like the cool air that your blower motor will send through your vents on a hot day. Call us today at 877-291-2828 to see what we can do for you today! Our customer service team can help you pick out just the right replacement auto blower motor for your car, as well as answer any questions that you may have about stock, pricing, warranties and much, much more. With out top tier blower motors, your car air conditioning and heating units will be up an running just like when the car was purchased new! So call Radiators Warehouse today!

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